E-Tourism Solutions Launches New Online System

E-Tourism Solutions Launches New Online System To Take Front-Desk Stress Out Of Holidays

E-Tourism Solutions launch solution to manual check in at hotels with intuitive E solution.

prweb 13Santo Domingo, DN, Dominican Republic – April 23rd, 2013E-Tourism Solutions has launched a new online check-in system for hotels. A spokesperson commented on the system, “Our new online check-in system for hotels allows holidaymakers to simply collect their room key on arrival and breeze into the comfort of their waiting bed, rather than engage in a long, manual data registration process at the front desk. The system promises big savings on time and staff duties for hotel owners, meaning everybody wins. As well as driving down costs for the hotel it also creates a positive impression of the hotel with the customer.”

E-Tourism Solutions is currently showcasing a video presentation to show the system in action.

A spokesperson commented, “There’s no point in just telling people when you can show them. The video will demonstrate just how much easier and more efficient the system is in practice, and the benefits will become readily apparent. Why have a member of staff wasting customers’ time typing in details when the customers would prefer to take a couple of minutes to enter their information direct from home. The video will be a powerful tool in our arsenal as we promote the new system.”

The streamlining of the check-in process works from both ends, as the video demonstrates. Though aimed of course at the hotel management who will invest in the system, what happens on the customers’ side is essential to their decision making process.

A spokesperson for E-Tourism Solutions voices their concerns about the hotel industry, “Hotels right now are unfortunately behind the curve. The difference between longevity and extinction is how fast you can adapt to the changing expectations of the market. With a system like this, we believe that a ‘wait and see’ attitude will create a backslide in reputation as consumer’s attitudes change. We have made the system so affordable that anyone with business sense will instantly see the value in it.”

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