Software Outsourcing

Besides offering to the tourism industry fully-developed products, we also count with outsourcing services. We understand that in time of economic recessions, cost reduction is a must and outsourcing quality human resources outside of Europe is the key. In its beginning, the Outsourcing services were used only by larger companies. Nowadays, thanks to its flexibility, quality and cost reduction for many companies, the outsourcing has become more of a necessity than an option.

ETS Outsourcing Services provide the technology, resources, and skilled employers in order to help companies to improve their customer sales, services and marketing expectations. Benefits:

  •  Reduce your Maintenance Time and Expenses Greatly;
  •  Focus On your Core Business Activities;
  •  Increased Productivity and Efficiency;
  •  Recruitment Flexibility;
  •  Remove the training of new hires and seasonal workers – we provide only people with the skills and experience;

If you want your business to be competitive using the outsourcing service benefits please contact us.

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